Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hate Mail

Who loves hate mail more than us? Here's the latest.

Date: Jun 25, 2007 2:15 PM
subject: ASIAN WOMEN


(Email ends)

(New Email)
Date: Jun 25, 2007 2:18 PM

Uh... now we're not quite sure what we did to this guy to make him SO angry that he apparently had to take a breather in his tirade. Also, please. Give the Caps Lock key a rest. Even if your message isn't so moronic, the fact that it's in all Caps makes you look like an idiot... an idiot that has to take breaks in between expressing a 5 second thought.


Leeraco said...

Interesting that what US expat women do when confronted with competition and men who won't date them, is that they often complain, belittle, shame and manipulate even *more*.

Perhaps you could learn something from the women who date US expat men in China.

Maybe you need to look in the mirror and see what you need to improve or change in your character and behavior.

I find it odd that confronted with men who won't date you and women who will behave in a manner that attracts men, that you STILL refuse to alter your behavior to get the results you want.

Laurent said...

Honestly, you're right and wrong at the same time. I had a significant experience in China about that:
let me introduce myself : I'm 32, French, white and blue-eyed man (if the color is important or not, who cares). I was with my fiance walking on Beijing streets (I got married since then) and several times some group of 2 Chinese girls came to see me and told "Can we talk with you?" and my future-wife was with me at these times! The fist time I was thinking it was to talk with an English speaking person but after I told them I wasn't English or American, it didn't stop them.
Ok I agree, it isn't fair for the western women but understand that for the men it isn't so hard to find Chinese dates.
As the Anglosaxon ideology says, it depends on the free market : the free offer and the free demands, but there the demand is much bigger than the offer then...
A last thing : I got married and I didn't leave my wife for one of these Chinese girls...

bobby fletcher said...

Good lord, if you name your blog THAT, maybe you shouldn't be in China.

I'll borrow something I've heard in the States - "Don't like China? Get the F*** out!"

=d= said...

Hey bobby fletcher,

When did shitty men equate to an entire experience in a foriegn country sucking? So like a guy to place himself in the center of everyone's existence. You can enjoy a country but still gripe about the dating situation there.

James Chang said...

Your life suck 'cuz you're a racist. It's that simple. If all you're looking for is a white guy who can't get a freaking job back in Missouri, of course you're going to end up nowhere. Are you stupid or what?

MICK said...

there are more than 700 million men in china and these `strong women`[lol] cant get a date! i suspect you ladies are not only losers with the opposite sex, but racist as well!

thepookguy said...

Wow. what a load of rubbish this blog is. Hmmm, last I heard Russian women have no problem getting dates in China. They're not racist against the locals like you are and are actually good looking.

thepookguy said...

So let me get this straight. You're in CHINA, but you're looking for a white guy. Apparently they're all losers and you don't want to date nonwhites which make up about half a billion of the population. Hmmm, so what's the point of this blog?

John05 said...

Why is she racist for preferring white men? People have their preferences. Nothing wrong with that.

However, she does need to be a bit more realistic... and expect that a significant number expat men couldn't get dates back or hold jobs in their native countries (not all, of course, but a significant number that she's sure to encounter)
... and expect that there will be a significant number of Chinese women who still relate skin-color to financial status while ignoring other factors.

Whether being realistic might affect her preferences or not, I don't know, but it has affected my own.

taiga said...

i would never start
a serious relationship with a man that's not from the same land/culture as me. it means (not always of course) we don't have to argue abt basic everyday things. is that racist?
and if i happend to live in a country that's not 'mine'. that would mean i have to look for a certain type of men. i.e not the locals or other foreign guys that's not from the same country as i.

btw, if you guys hate this blogg so freakin' much, why do you read it?

thepookguy said...

"i would never start
a serious relationship with a man that's not from the same land/culture as me"

So as an American you would rather date some drunk, loser frenchman rather than a chinese?

chell said...

"So as an American you would rather date some drunk, loser frenchman rather than a chinese?"

No. Most white American women and girls like her would rather date and marry a thrice married looser police officer who probably murdered his third wife, and disappear without a trace, as Stacy Peterson did, than marry a Chinese American chaired professor of Management and Finance at the Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University. Expat white women are even more racist than those living in their own countries. Why are you talking about China? In Singapore, where most of the population is educated many expat women stare at local women dating white men but have turned down dates from well to do Chinese Singaporean men.

chell said...

"Why is she racist for preferring white men? People have their preferences. Nothing wrong with that."

Anyone prefering dates solely on the color of the skin is a racist. Race does not mean culture. Armenian and British are very different cultures, but both are white. If an Anglo-Saxon prefers an Armenian over a Chinese base on skin color, she is a racist.

John05 said...

Well, I see nothing wrong with that. I'm sorry but we all have our preferences and I'd be a hypocrite if I denied having my own.

For example, I won't date women that are heavier than me (ones that I can't carry comfortably). That means obese women are out. Despite what some would say, "You get to choose whether you're fat or not but you can't choose your skin color," keep in mind that genetics do haunt a large percentage of overweight and obese people.

I also prefer slightly more independent and educated women. Ones that make at least 25% as much money as me. (Unfortunately, that probably disqualifies over 90% of Chinese women.)

To some, it may be bigotry, but I'm just being honest. I can't *honestly* do much about my preferences. What can anyone do, besides brainwashing me?

What can we do about this Fuck! blogger? Nothing. She just has no sexual interest in Chinese men. We can point fingers at whatever the cause is (media, brainwashing, nurture, racism, etc), but in the end, it's just a sexual preference.

I'd have as much interest changing her preference as I would trying to convince a gay man to sleep with a woman, "just once, just to try it out."

John05 said...

And for your information, I am a Chinese man by ethnicity. Yes, I am disappointed with the worldwide emasculation of Chinese males.

It's hard enough that there's a huge gender gap in China (that's even more pronounced when we look at statistics focused on younger generations)... but most Chinese males make a fraction of what expats make annually, and women undoubtedly prefer wealthier dates (even before factoring in race/ethnicity).

And yes, even expats that are thrice married, alcoholic deadbeat, bottom-feeding, all-but-kicked-out-of-their-own-country losers, have a better chance of finding dates in China than the average Chinese man. After all, they don't have to admit that they were thrice married, and the skin-color is an obvious testament to their wealth. Also, no one asks or cares why they abandoned from their "friends, family, and wealth" back home anyway.

I'm lucky, being financially successful enough to put most expats to shame, but honestly, without my wealth, I'd be at a considerable disadvantage. I'm still proud to be Chinese; I'm just realistically sad for my brethren. :/

taiga said...

what makes you think i'm american?

thepookguy said...

We're all referring to the moronic blogger Chinadirt, silly girl

uklothario said...

Sure we all have our preferences but you have to be realistic. Facing the choice between being celibate and dating somebody somewhat outside my ideal preference, I'd choose the latter.

My preference is for asian facial features but western (curvaceous)body type. So that would make it a bit more challenging for me in China. I see many women here with beautiful faces but uninteresting bodies. Luckily, I found somebody who combines both.

Suzanne said...

I dont see the big deal..there is so many men out there, what the hell does it matter to me if some asian takes one or a mexican, or a white chick...i dont get why all the pissyness...