Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can anyone read this? Who the fuck knows...

Yes, yes, yes. We've been extraodinarily lazy with blogspot on the fritz in China again. Good thing readers haven't been.

After we read this peice of email we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So we did both... while eating a tub of Haagan Daaz.

"My name is M, and I would like to write an honest letter to you, with my point of view and life experience here in China.

When I first came to China I did so with a fiancée, but shortly afterwards (as other foreigners) I left my fiancée and began a life of “debauchery”. I guess I changed, or maybe this “dirty guy” has always being with me, but never allowed him to truly show himself until I came here. Or maybe was just temptation.

I am not handsome, and you would not spot me on the street, but I have learned my way in here. I began cheating on my fiancée, and cheating of the girlfriend I had afterwards, lying to whatever girlfriend I had so to sleep around with others, having at one point four girlfriends at the same time. Is nothing to be proud of, but is the truth.

Now I have evolved, I no longer cheat. I currently have several women, and while they don’t know about each other they know they are in a non-exclusive relationship. Some I seen daily, some weekly, some when I feel like. I change them from time to time, because more often than not they develop “feelings” for me and become more attached. Of course, having such stock at my disposal I don’t make space for monogamous relationships. Sometimes I play the gentleman, sometimes I play the bad boy, and at every turn I improve my game. I make women laugh and I make them suffer. Funnily, this combination works like a charm in most girls.

I just turned 30, and when I walk on the streets I realize how even a single smile grant me a one night stand. It happened to me more times I care to remember. How would I want to stop it? In my hometown we always say: Health, money and love, so I want you to think about this: Imagine you are in good health (thank god for condoms) and you have enough money. Now imagine love is all around. Imagine you can virtually have almost any boy or girl you fancy (I had from students to models), free or charge, who will try anything to win your heart, because you seem like a good guy to them. Would you say no to that?

I have a stable job, I cook, I clean the house, I dance salsa, I can speak a few languages and know many jokes, I love foreplay and I enjoy romantic movies. I am also respectful, and never give names of any woman I have been with. I don’t ask too many questions. And I am the prototype of the “new-age” laowai. More like us will come in the future, and more girls will come to mayor cities, providing us with the fun. At the end of the day, when they feel they can not marry any of us, they will settle for an old man or a Chinese guy of their age.

Sometimes I play the gentleman, sometimes I play the bad boy, and at every turn I improve my game. I make women laugh and I make them suffer. Funnily, this combination works like a charm in most girls.

Of course I did not get every single girl I tried to have sex with, but then again I have more chances than days in the week. This is my promise land.

You can not stop this, because nobody is being forced. The only losers are the ones taking things for granted. I don’t make promises, so if a girl thinks that because I had sex with her I will marry her, that is her own problem.

I don’t fall in love, although I occasionally get hurt, but is all worth. I love to have different women and different bodies whenever I please. Is the best feeling in the world.

This is not my only feeling. This is promise land for any man. There is no longer needed to have money or a position. And the best part is, most girls are even grateful. We always tell them white lies “sorry, I can not have this relationship because my mother disagree” “because I am sick” “because I work too many hours”…any noble excuse is enough, or even just disappear. The girl will believe you are a great guy, not knowing that we are already with another one.

I don’t look down on Chinese, or look down on girls. I don’t care. I am here to take as much as I can while I can. I am not evil, just a man. Maybe a man who is good in bed, but that’s all.

I am not trying to make any point. Just hope this letter can clarify things."


Maggie said...

to clarify what things? that you're a man whore? but if you could have your cake and eat it too, i guess that's pretty difficult to stand firm and be strong... like how a REAL man could.

though, i really can't say i blame the guy. how could he say no? most guys are just too weak to do that. :P 'sides, if he's being up front about it, and the ladies all know about the game plan yet still willing, stupidly, to keep playing, then who are we to say foul play?

but man, you have to realize, the reason that they're letting you "off the hook" easily isn't so much that they're buying your crap load of lies, but probably just didn't want to get into it with you and save some unpleasantness for both you and themselves. you should really just congratulate yourself rather than demeaning their behavior. just imagine if they start acting all psycho or something... certainly wouldn't make your life very pleasant.

chinaphil said...

Just to clarify...
Your email and your situation are fine, 30 year old guy, except for one point:
"I don't look down on girls."
Actually, you do. You look down on them because they're being stupid, falling for you when you so obviously treat them like dirt. You look down on them because you don't believe that any of them will ever captivate you like you captivate them.
I know this because I've done some of what you do. And it's fine, there's nothing wrong with it. But don't go kidding yourself that you're a big old feminist.

Keith said...

If the girls go along with this, I don't see what your problem is, other than all the competition is making it hard for ex-pat women to score a steady boyfriend.

I think the lesson is: don't move to China looking for love.

J said...

i just had dinner with a chinese female friend the other day. she told me her co-worker (25 years old) has had sex with up to 100 men according to her own count. the vast majority of them were with other chinese men, only a few laowai.

i sometimes wonder, instead of beating down all the men...maybe you should start a "have some pride" website.

that said, the guy who wrote the original piece is probably still a jerk. ha!

Kelly said...

This was pretty disturbing to read, although I'm already very familiar of the situations that are going on in East Asia where many weak-minded Asian girls have fallen prey to the propaganda of the western mass media Sadly, I cannot put all the blame the promiscuous white man-whore. I have put a lot of blame on the weakness of our society and on our many weak-minded women.

I can only hope that in the future this will gradually change for the better, that we will grow as a community and let others become more aware of these kind of issues.

By the way, I was in China last summer, where there were these 2 average looking German guys with 2 attractive Chinese girls that were hanging out with them all the time. After they met me, they started hanging out with me. Of course, I'm an attractive and tall Chinese guy with a very athletic build and charming personality. Glad to know there are Chinese guys out there like me that will outcompete you condescending predators using your "white privileges" to get women.

Kelly said...

J, I used to think that Chinese women were pretty reserved and many of them still are. But since last summer, I've learned that prostitution is very rampant in China. Most of the girls that the original poster got were probably lowly uneducated girls looking to for an opportunity to land a man of wealth. From what they see, white man = wealth.

Frank said...

You know, I really don't have a problem with the man sluts in China. If they want to hump a million girls, as long as there is no deception involved, I say go for it. I'm married and don't indulge in the "poontang buffet" that is China, but whatever..to each his own. What bothers me are the below average or ugly ones, like the author of the post being discussed, that feel the need to BRAG about it. I mean, come on! From what I have seen, if you have a white face, it takes little or nothing to bag a Chinese girl. (No offense to the Chinese people reading this, but you can't deny it.) It doesn't matter if you are ugly or old. People should only brag about doing things that require some sort of skill or ability. Being white and scoring in China requires neither.

Keith said...

Kelly's comment that Asia is full of "weak-minded" girls is pretty racist...maybe they just have a different view of sex than Kelly?

I'll say it again - if you go to a country where sex is not seen by women specifically as a way of bagging a steady boyfriend, or where you are competing for a limited group of men against a vast majority of women who have 'lower standards' then you, why bother being bitter because the local population won't play by your rules?
Are you honestly going to say that the majority of women in a foreign culture are wrong, and that only your opinions are the right ones?

Rebecca Yu said...

Asia is full of "weak-minded" girls is pretty racist

Sadly, it's true though (and I speak from sad experience) - the proof is in the rice pudding, as they say...

Ah Cin said...

those young or pretty chinese girls who r with old or ugly white guys might get what exactly they want....who knows...they may be "smarter" than most of us here...and as for the man whore, hehe, remind me about "public bus"....

Al L said...

A lot of Asian women have major self-hate and White worship these days. They seem brainwashed by Hollywood mass media, and have an inferiority complex about being Asian.

It is pretty pathetic once you realize this. These girls need to have more self esteem in being Asian and realize they are nothing more than cum dumpsters for loser expats who couldn't cut it in their home countries.

charm school said...

i was reading the earlier statements and starting laughing out loud. If this guy wants to be a "man whore" then that's his cup of tea. Do you think this behavior is limited to white men in China? I don't judge him. And why are these women stupid? Why can't they want to have sex also? I think some of the authors were reflecting on their experiences in their messages. Everyone uses their privileges to obtain whatever.

And as for these writers chastising "losers" who couldn't cut it in their countries ought to realize that some people complain about the rainy weather, and others move to sunny weather.

This man is getting what most men want anyhow, and not getting whipped in home culture and these authors cannot accept it.

Remember: he had a fiance when he arrived so that cancels the chat about hooking up in his own country.

That men and those women are liberated from conventional lifestyles and ignore those that resign to theirs. Simply put.

Honestly, all this is the remarks of an escapist. All women live in a
99% Chinese population and just (at least) wanted a different experience. The "man whore" revels in it because it's a entirely different experience for him also.
He thought that he was content living in monogamous lifestyle with his fiance, and given, other options, he chose otherwise. I mean, if he was rich and famous, do you still think he would have to visit China for the same rewards? I suppose rich and famous for too weak to say no either.

ks said...

I'm reading this in Tokyo (I'm a white male of similar age), where similar things occur. Frank hit it on the head- who brags about sleeping with Asian women? It doesn't make sense.

There's no way he can have that kind of success with cute white women. The author calls his situation 'heaven.' So, clearly, he wasn't doing well at home, and more to the point- he is STILL not doing well. He's just sleeping with Chinese women. That's defeat, not victory.

The guys who have 'game' don't have to come to Asia to have this lifestyle, only the losers do.

Joseph K said...

I hate to say this, but I'm a white guy who has incredible difficulty getting Chinese girls... must be a personality thing :)

I'm early 50s, not too bad looking, unmarried, not badly off. Am I too reserved? How come I don't meet all these hot women who just want to have wild sex with foreign men?

Teng said...

naive, young chinese girls swarm around a white guy with his hypocratical manners, this realy makes me feel like my country has been exploited once again, but then, considering tons of chinese officials and businessmen have numerous, similar affairs, might as well add some foreigners to the massy picture. this is mind boggling and interesting at the same time for a undergrad like me.

shrek01 said...

For some reason that I have yet to understand ,,,Some MEN seem to differentiate between different races of women ,,Grading these women as if you were grading cattle ...These Guys seem to forget THE SINGLE MAIN FACTOR THAT IS INSTILLED WITHIN EVERY ...HUMAN BEING ...THERE ARE ONLY TWO (2) TYPES OF HUMANS (AND NEARLY EVERYTHING ELSE ,FOR THAT MATTER )EXISTING ON THIS PLANET ....When will men finally realise that the Asian ,Russian ,African women/All Women ARE JUST THAT .....WOMEN...JUST LIKE YOUR MUM/MOM/SISTER/DAUGHTER ...IT WILL NEVER CHANGE ...THEY ARE ALL FEMALE AND THEY ARE ALL WOMEN ..BUDDY .,,YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF USING UP AND WASTING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES ...Many of these women are less fortunate than we are and are desparate to secure some sort of future for themselves nomatter what they have to endure ...Even enduring assholes like you ...Obviously you can only think with your dick ,,So I am only guessing that you have your brain there too ...So I guess that this would make you just another DICKHEAD IDIOT with absolutly zero respect for women...Shrek01 ...Not worth saying too much more ...Everyone knows what I mean ...You are one of the lowlifes that give all men a bad name ...Too bad you will never find what all those women that you used were looking for ...This will be the curse of YOUR life from shrek01..Enjoy asshole...Yours

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