Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hello All,

As you all may have noticed the China Dirt girls have taken quite a long hiatus. 6 months to be exact. Apologies for the fans for the radio silence but we've unfortunately gotten rather intense jobs that suck up our time, rendering our free time rather scarce. New jobs = Less free time + more travel = less going out in China = less chances to encounter male douchbaggery in China. So is China Dirt dead? Well, we still have a stock of unwritten tales of male misdeeds. It just takes us a bit to write them down so please be patient and check back every month or so for (hopefully) a new update.

As a side note, apparently, there's a real estate agency in China also named China Dirt. Just goes to show you - you're never as unique as you think you are.

Happy dating. Will update soon!
-CD girls