Monday, January 12, 2009

Ratings plummet

So we’ve all heard of the 10 point rating scale for sizing up a member of the opposite sex. Apparently for one man of the world in China, 10 points was 8 points to many. Thanks to C for the tip.

“Call it laziness, drunk goggles, or whatever you like, but I have a friend who decided that the only way to rate girls was on a binary scale – 1 or 0. Do her or don’t do her.

Of course he wanted my opinion on this scale and whether I'd rate guys the same way. After being in China for a bit, I realized that I had thrown my 10 point scale away because let's be honest, if we were to honestly rate the guys here on the same scale as we do those in Australia, Holland, Canada, or Sweden it would just be sad. Instead I've started rating guys on this four point scale:
1) Not a chance in hell
2) Maybe a make out if I’m blind drunk
3) Cute enough to make out when sober
4) Let's skip dinner and just go to my place”


YseUp said...

Hey girls.

Just wondering what you have to offer that makes you have the right to look down on all the men?

I never hear you talk about your interesting hobbies and pursuits. You're always hanging out in some bar. No wonder you meet drunks.

Are you girls mostly British, North Americans and Australians?

Because I've been living in London for a couple of years and I never go out with British women. They drink too much and have been brain-washed by shows like Sex and the City. Sadly this doesn't mean they are relaxed and mature about sex, just that they are obsessed with fashion and shopping.

So far I've been out with Swedish, Germans, Spanish, Russian and Dutch girls. I think women from those countries are not as influenced by the media to have unrealistic expectations of men.

Just want a little more insight.


hosikah said...

OMG your 4 point rating cracked me the hell up. I think you're still pretty lenient, considering when I lived in HK for 10 years about a decade ago, I don't think there were any that fell under #3 or #4.

Shopgirl said...

hahaha awesome!

really agree, i live in sweden and it is so much easeir to spot handsome men here than in shanghai.

Mike said...

He didn't invent that, it was taken from a famous Pickup Artist named Swinggcat. I learned that ages ago during my formative years and totally agree. The binary system is way better.

You know what's even better? Grow the F up and don't gossip to ur homies about girls you've (supposedly) slept with. If she's so great, you don't have to impress me with the erotic fiction. We can talk about girls, but the locker room brag was impressive in high school, not now.

The bottom line is, we don't go after girls we aren't attracted to. The 10 pt scale is for 12 year olds.

If guys wanna rack up their 'highscore' by sleeping with "6's and 7's" then they really need to grow up. Especially guys in their 40's and 50's. Quality not Quantity, boys!

To Shopgirl, since when do women care solely about looks? Do you approach men on the street/subway/club if they're good looking? That's very 开放 of you, but most attractive women just do NOT need to do this. Confident attractive men do all the approaching, etc. Maybe the guys in Sweden are just more laid back.

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anothercupoftea said...

Surely this is an old thing....

What would you give her out of one?

I'd give her one... or

I'd give her none

A little bit school boy, no?

Grunt said...

Funny you mention a rating scale. Ive been telling my wife for years about my "sliding scale". Any and all American or western females get an automatic negative 7 point for the mere fact they are western females.

So, in theory, even if an American female is physically attractive, well educated, and has an adequate personality resulting in an 8 or 9 on the common scale, it gets tagged with the -7 for an overall 2 out of 10 score.

Its been this way for me since my first trip overseas. Meeting ladies that are not filled with malice and vitriol permanently changes a mans perceptions. Once he spends enough time out of the madhouse that is America and encounters warm, genuine women he can no longer stoop to interact with putrid feminists.

As always, keep up the good work!

Willow said...

There goes grunt again, I feel sorry for your wife dude, maybe she is just grinning and bearing your bullshit until she gets her citizenship sorted.

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