Friday, January 19, 2007

Not all men in china are... dirtbags?

This is in response to James A's comment in "Myspace is for Creeps and Wierdos" post:

Dear James,

Thanks for your comment. Being our first male commenter and a laudatory one at that, you are now the darling of the China Dirt posse. Praising will get you love! Criticisms will be met with scathing retorts! Just kidding... or are we?

Anyways, after receiving some suggestions, we're opening the forum for China dating stories from both sexes, although we'll still be most partial about ones about assholes of the male variety.

Even in our bitterness, China Dirt admits that there are a few good men out there. Unfortunately, it always seems that 70% of the few are in rewarding relationships already. Well, I suppose with every loser there's an even better rant. Silver lining girls, silver lining.

Keep on dishing,
China Dirt

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James A said...

well thank you ladies, I am most honoured. Seriously, not all men are dirtbags, just most of them. I am sure I was a bit of a prick when i first came to China but hopefully I have grown up a bit since then.

While on a rant, I would like to rant about sleazy white guys who only really fancy Chinese girls but who will hit on any and every available white girl in the assumptions she is a) easy and b) desperate.

This bothers me because it is mindless and stupid and means I can't leave my fiancee (who, like me is English and no, before you ask, I never cheat on her or tell her i could get 'any girl i want in China') alone for a second in any sanlitun bar. Seriously, in the time it takes me to walk to the toilet she usually has some Italian or Parisian breathing beer fumes in her face and asking if she wants to go home with him.

Yes, the men of Beijing actually think that it is likely that a woman will dump her fiancee and go home with them.

Men are idiots, what can i say, drunk eurotrash are probably the worst.

Good luck in your quest to rid Beijing of moronic blokes, I think that you have your work cut out.