Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reader Entry

Here's a submission by a Ms. Jess White to aid our men profiling. Thanks Jess!

A Cynic’s View of Sexpat Men: The Sleaze Ratings (Low to High)

Students - 18 upwards. Innocent, conscientious and game, but gone before you even know their name.
Sleaze factor - Low (sleazy is not a word to describe these ambitious young things)The

Divorcees that Do Look Back in Anger - 40s upwards. Divorced their 'bitch' of a wife back home. Bitter but bold, they arrive in China to start a afresh, disguising the move as 'exploring business opportunities.' True to a degree when they find themselves entering (quite literally) into a mutually beneficial trading contract. They realise they can get a Chinese wife way out of their league who is half their age + 5 'cause that's the result of the 'acceptable calculation' apparently? She gets money and more than one child and he gets a cum receptacle who never answers back - normally cause they cant communicate in the universal language of English, or love for that matter.
Sleaze factor - Low (they've accepted that life for them now is better than ever)

Yellow Tinted Glasses - late 20s upwards. Normally average but reasonably nice guys. Came out here cause they needed a life change but announce they're not into Chinese women. In an innocent attempt to learn some Chinese they find themselves hanging around with a language exchange, who usually comes in the form of an attractive Chinese student who is young, single and white-cock hungry. It doesn't take long then for this category to get 'into' Chinese women. When questioned on they're change in attitude, they claim to be suffering from 'yellow fever.'
Sleaze factor - Medium (they're blinkered to yellow on the colour chart, but there's always a twinkle in the back of their eye for a Western girl)

The Serious Sex Tourist - 50s upwards, and upwards. Complete social misfits back home. If they’re really serious they'll try to avoid metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai for there are too many harsh reminders of reality. Normally head to less obvious places where the local women are (more) wowed by their white, wrinkly skin and deep pockets. Take G, a sex tourist. Claimed to be 30, but on observing his dyed brown hair and comb-over a more realistic estimate puts him at nearer 60. He claims you’re no fun if you don’t allow him to grope your breasts. He has been observed trying to hit on a young Chinese girl who was passed out at the time from too much Baijiu. When told to get the hell off her and he responded with 'What? There are rules here now?' Apparently not, for people like him in Chongqing. He left that night to go home with his 19 year-old girlfriend.
Sleaze factor - High (they'll try their luck with anything that moves)

What Goes on Tour Stays on Tour - Mid-20s upwards and seemingly nice. Normally out here on a secondment or chose to come out here because there's something they're trying to get away from back home. Home being the place where they're holding a girlfriend hostage (with the help of his mates), with the promise that they'll be back in a couple of years for her hand in marriage. It's selective as to whether you get told about her or not. They behave as though they are single, but too pussy to dump that special someone for fear of returning home to a life of bachelorhood. Some of these deludedmiscreants think that praying after sex will counter their infidelity. They normally also claim they'll never go near Chinese girls, but prostitutes don't count apparently.
Sleaze factor - high risk (Choosing to utilize subtle strategies in the form of complex mind games, in keeping with the game of self-denial they're playing with themselves, in order to bed their targets)

Parisians - 20s upwards. 'Papa' has encouraged them to move to China to further the family business. What you see is what you get with this category - womanisers whose only experience of English women is misspent holidays in Majorca. Will try to charm your pants off with their wining and dining and shocked when you fail to put out. "Bot I do not understand?" exclaimed E after a date with an English girl "I sort all English girls are slugs. Bof!"...maybe he meant slags.
Sleaze factor - High (really amusing to laugh at though, but also risky because if you hang around them for too long you become intoxicated by their garlic breath)

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