Sunday, January 7, 2007


China's a rough place to live if you're a girl. Sketchy, gross, clueless or just plain idiotic guys seem to cover the entire country like a bad case of the pox. A pox on the dating scene of the East!

This blog is to tell the good, bad, ugly, funny, horrifying aspects of dating in a rapidly developing country that says its adheres to traditional views of chasity but, in reality, oozes a hook-up culture. It's a forum for the women of China to rant. It's a space where we encourage you to be your bitchiest. It's a platform for you to say all the nasty things you wanted to say to that fucking asshat you were dating but couldn't because you had to seem like you were taking the break up with grace and poise (who wants to be known as the "insane ex-girlfriend?").

So after you're done bashing him to all your friends, email us and dish away. Just think of how much you can potentially save on therapy... and how much you'll be helping others who are going through the same China relationship crap.

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