Monday, January 29, 2007

Reader Submission

Here's a post by Margot. Keep sending those emails ladies!

Thanks for a great blog - I've been really enjoying it, and given the dating scene here, you'll never run short of material.

My greatest piss-off these days is the aggressive expat males down at the nightclub, who seem to think that any Asian girl is fair game for their pathetic advances.

I take a lot of my Chinese female friends to the nightclub to have a good time and dance, but unfortunately I'll spend most of my time protecting them from the unwanted physical attention of these expat losers. Because of a few loose Chinese girls, these guys don't seem to recognize that their attempts at leg humping or butt grinding on the dance floor aren't being appreciated. A note to these guys: When the girl is shrinking away from you, looking at the floor and protectively crossing her arms over her chest and looking scared, she's not into you! She's just too polite to tell you to fuck off! So don't give me the evil glare when I have to physically interpose myself to get you off of her - you never had a chance anyway!

Oh - and to the 50+ something geezer who physically hauled my friend (25 yr old law graduate) on to the dance floor at Alfa, against her continuing protestations, so that I actually had to push you away from her so she could go back to her table, at which time you smirked at me and said, "Oh, is that not allowed?": NOT ALL CHINESE GIRLS ARE PROSTITUTES, YOU PATHETIC LOSER!! Go back to the all-service massage parlour where at least the girls get paid to put up with you!


J said...

Sorry about pulling your friend out on the dance floor, my Viagra has a slight psychotropic effect (damn Chinese pharmacies!) causing me to suddenly find myself reliving my disco days.

Umm...just kidding, I have no idea who that guy was.

What I do know is the reverse phenomenon that effects the few of us guys who don't introduce ourselves via crotch-on-pigu gyrations. As a guy, let me just state that I hate being in a club where a girl starts dancing near you (by herself), gives a flirty glance here and again, and is almost just beckoning for you to come over. But then, as you walk up and actually ASK her to dance, she just waves her hand furiously and says, "no, no, no!"

After having this happen and seeing it happen a few times, I can understand why guys revert to less sophisticated means of communication. At least then, they KNOW why they are being rejected.

So while I also don't agree with the geriatric to pediatric dance attacks, how about stop screwing with the brain of us guys in your age group? ;-)

Don said...

Well now, I'm 43, so my club nights are pretty much a thing of the past. I've also been an expat in Beijing for all of about 3 weeks. But I still have my dating ups and downs, and thought I'd share a recent one with y'all:

I'm delighted to say, however, that this story had a happy ending:

If things continue in this mode, maybe my dating woes are all behind me....

P.S. I'm not the mystery mauler either, BTW.