Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Reader submission

Hello loyal fans and our ever-growing circle of people who hate us. You may have notice that activity on China Dirt has been rather sparse but we opened our email box the other day and lo and behold, we see emails! So, it seems that though we've gotten lax and sedentary, others have taken up the call for us. We will be posting reader postings every other day (we have to space them out you know so it seems like we're actually doing something other than being lazy bitches).

Here's the latest atrocity from E:

"This the latest in appauling expat male housemate was sleeping around while his Chinese "girlfriend" was in hospital for a week being treated for CANCER. Incredible. "

Incredible wasn't the word that popped in to our minds. The word that we thought of starts with a douche and ends with a bag and maybe has huge thrown up there at the front.


TracyK said...

Ugh! I wish I could say that this FUCKED UP account surprised me, but it just seems like business as usual in Beijing! If I had cancer and my boyfriend was sleeping around, I would be so miffed! She should kick his sorry ass to the curb!!!

Adam said...

As despicable as this story is, it's not like this couldn't and hasn't happened in the western world as well. Douchebaggery is not limited to expats in China.

Rebecca Yu said...

my housemate was sleeping around while his Chinese "girlfriend" was in hospital for a week being treated for CANCER. Incredible. "

Tsk tsk, how horrid. I can only blame that girl for dating such a pig, though. Sorry, no free pass here. Been there, done that. By this point, you all know what you're in for when you date a lao wai ex-pat - drunken cheater who could care less about you. And they're only that way because us women allow them to be.

If more women would get some self-respect and stop dating such pigs, they wouldn't be...such pigs.

Paul said...

You privileged Anglo-women just aren't getting it. Men go off the rocker in any foreign country (not just China) because they know that they have to go back to English-speaking countries were they have few rights in marriage, just obligations, and have to partake in a stifling Victorian-come radical feminism.
Being abroad is like getting a conjugal leave from prison.
Boo Hoo, you girls aren't getting your ass kissed anymore vis-a-vis the locals. The jokes on the men who have to go back to the artificial world of the Anglo-sphere.